• Postcar(d) Road Series
• Collage Work
• Christmas Cards
Santa Rosa, CA

High Quality Prints available $5 - $1,000
Postcards, Greeting cards, and various sized Posters.
Other formats priced individually upon request.
Archival ink, mounting on cavas or metal also available.

Postcar(d) Road Series

As seen in the January 2012 Hemmings' issue of Classic Car

hemmings magazineClassic Car Magazine


Glare and Fatigue Free


Ribbon Road My Hat!

Moonlit 1


Moonlit 2 Moonlit 3

Moonlit 4


Road Crew Beautify America



Waiting at the Gate Double Ment

Gull Wing Spring


Visiting Florida

Visiting Britain

Gated Community


Winter Station

You Saw What?

Bear Bridge


Feather River

Mass. Turnpike

Tennessee Night Procession


Bonneville Salt Flates

Tundra Curves


Genova Hot Rod


Castle Fence


Collage below

Angel Specs


Half Dome Glacier  



Wedding Sparks Dog-Eared



'56 Chevy Madonna and Champ



Three Clouds Windows

Night Ride Home


St. Sepia Fig. D



Me Mum Wish for NYC (9/11)



Halloween Cans

Halloween Swing Set


Christmas below

Christmas 2013


Christmas 2012


Christmas 2011


Christmas 2010


Christmas 2009


Christmas 2008


Christmas 2007


Christmas 2006
Christmas 2005

Christmas 2004


Christmas 2003

Christmas 2002




Christmas 2001
Christmas 2000

Christmas 1999

Christmas 1998 Christmas 1997

Christmas 1996


Christmas 1995


Christmas 1994 Christmas 1992